Taking on the Billy Goat Trail

Although hiking the Billy Goat Trail was more of an effort at 52 than I remember it being at 22, I did make it to the end! I’d forgotten what a spectacular hike it is. Definitely going back again soon.

Hope you enjoy this video.

YouTube: Potomac River Gorge, NPS 100

This is the first in my new weekly series on YouTube celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. National Park Service. Tune in as I share my favorite National Park entity, the Potomac River Gorge! (Also, photography tips!)

Friday Photo Tip: Watch the Feet!

Here’s a quick and simple (yet, no less important!) tip: Don’t cut off their feet!

Nothing ruins an otherwise fine portrait more than cropped out feet. Everything else about it can be stellar. Lighting, composition, outfit, perfect smile… doesn’t matter. It is all ruined if they look like they’re standing on two peg legs. And really, it takes no time to just scan around the edges of your viewfinder and make sure everything is in there.

Cropping people halfway or three-quarters is fine. But if you’re going for a full portrait, go full  portrait. Don’t forget the feet.


Portrait of a model.

Cropped feet. Ugh!


Portrait of a model.

Un-cropped feet. Nice!