On The Road: Southern California

106º F is hot! How hot? So hot that when you stick your arm out the window doing 75 MPH it still feels hot! Like burning uncomfortably hot! Wind chill factor did not seem to apply. This was somewhere along I-10 just south of Joshua Tree National Park. I’d never experienced heat that great before, and I’ll be fine if I never do again.

It was 6 hours on the road through the southern California desert, on our way to Oceanside. We’d left Phoenix earlier that morning and had the A/C cranking nonstop. The temperature had dropped to 102º by the time we reached the Dinosaurs of Cabazon. So, you know… cool! Despite the heat we couldn’t resist that famous roadside attraction. Americana at it’s weirdest!

Eventually, jumped back in the air conditioned compact and pushed on to the coast to visit with family, attend nephew’s wedding, hangout by the beach and just generally explore Oceanside, California. Which, by the way, never broke 80º our entire stay.

dinosaur. roadside attractions. Southern california. I-10

Rachel and a Cabazon Dinosaur.

jessica and brendan at their wedding rehearsal.

Wedding practice in Oceanside.

wedding planner. this is not a rehearsal! It's the real thing!

The wedding planner keeping us in line.

flower girl at wedding in oceanside, ca.

Flower girl.

silhouette of man under oceanside pier. oceanside, california.

Timing the surging waves under the Oceanside pier.

surfer paddling out past the breakers. Oceanside, ca.

Paddling out past the breakers.

beach comber on oceanside beach. Oceanside, ca. early morning.

Early morning stroll along the Oceanside beach.

Marin County

If all goes accordingly (and doesn’t it always?) Marin County in Northern California will be my final resting place. OK, that sounds kind of morbid… let’s say rather that my wife and I would love to die there! Uh… wait… what I mean is we hope Northern California is where we’ll live out our days. You know, retire. Or something like that.

“Retire” is such an ugly word, though, isn’t it? Maybe “repurpose” is what I want. Rachel and I hope to one day repurpose ourselves in Northern California. Yeah, that’s better.

So why Northern California? Well…

Did this artist find her spot or what!

Did this artist find herself a spot or what!

The No Name Bar at night.

Bar. Yes, that’s the actual name. Bar. It’s old and gritty and has no kitchen; but you can bring in a burger
from down the street if you like. Like a 1967 VW it sits among the Rolls Royce establishments of Sausalito.
No frills, no food, no name. It’s almost perfect.

 posted about this fellow earlier this year. His name is Matt Jaffe. Super cool.

I posted about this fellow earlier this year. (do a search) His name is Matt Jaffe. A troubadour; storyteller.
The Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley hosts big names and locals.
We happened upon this open mic night and it was pure fun.

Found this motif in the patio of a great place in Bolinas. The Coast Cafe. Had fried oyster benedict for breakfast. I will never forget it. (I mean that in a good way!)

I could not pass up this nautical motif in the back patio of a joint in Bolinas. The Coast Cafe.
Had fried oyster benedict for breakfast. I will never forget it. (And I mean that in a good way!)

For a different view at sunset, drive down to Fort Baker on the east side of the GG Bridge. Less crowds and unique view.

The sky changes by the second this time of the evening. Magentas and violets fight for supremacy. Darkness wins, ultimately.

Redwoods in Mill Valley. Majestic is an over-used word... but really, that's what these are.

Majestic is an over-used descriptor… but really, that’s what they are. Mill Valley Redwoods.

Howard was his name. As you might guess, totally laid back and groovy.

Howard. As you might guess, totally laid back and groovy.

Surfers show off their shit at Rodeo Beach.

This dude at Rodeo Beach had some stuff going on. Dancing across the waves like some manic ballerino.

A city nestled in the fog. San Francisco viewed from Mt. Tamlapais.

San Francisco viewed from Mt. Tamlapais; a city nestled in the fog.


There is no better place to goof off in the evening than Stinson Beach.

The interplay of light and shadows at Stinson Beach.


A sunset not to be missed. Stinson Beach.

The warm sunset of a cool evening.


Northern California. Works for us.

Click Refresh

Nothing like a rejuvenating week on the northern California coast. After a long, crazy, stressful year, a little refresh was critical.

Weather was typical. Rain, wind, fog, sun, dry, wet, warm, chilly… pretty much the works. Photographically, every day… hell, every hour  a new, more dramatic scene was unveiled. Couldn’t ask for more.

Ready for 2013. Let’s go!


Stinson Beach surfer dude. Misty fog in the mountains.

Surfer dude, Stinson Beach, CA.