Fuji X100S in Black & White

Found myself in the ever snowful Washington, DC the other day.

Thought I’d put the camera through it’s paces in B&W mode. Went with the Yellow filter effect. Not much post processing in Lightroom. Little contrast here and there and a couple needed lightening. Otherwise all just out of camera.

washington dc, lincoln memorial with tourists

silhouette of man at Lincoln Memorial taking a photo of Washington Monument. Washington DC

lincoln memorial interior, washington dc

woman walking out of Lincoln Memorial visitor Center

vendor showing off his stars and stripes

tree shadows on snow

seagull near Lincoln Memorial, washington dc

washington dc, c & o canal, cross country skis, man with dog

Washington DC from A Cessna 172

It’s not a view many people get to see nowadays and it requires a great deal of paper work, patience and luck. But when it all comes together, it is still way cool to fly over Washington DC.

This is the view looking west at the National Mall and the various museums and galleries. Capitol Building, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial are easy to make out. Supreme Court, Native American Museum are visible. And that big group of red roof buildings on the right? That’s Federal Triangle, part of the Pennsylvania Ave. National Historical Site.

Love this city!


Downtown Washington DC aerial view. Looking west.