The Photographer’s Footwear

I was meeting a friend in the city for dinner. For reasons I can’t remember I arrived a couple hours early, but hey, I was cool with that because Street Photography! I wasn’t super dressed up, but you know, a little nicer than just t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. I spent about two hours walking around DC looking for photographs. I had on nice shoes. Not nice as in comfortable; nice as in good looking, sporty. An hour or so into my strolling I noticed my feet were sore. But I shook it off… hey, feet get sore! Photos need taking! I ambled on.

It wasn’t until the next day I came to understand the foolishness of walking around for two hours on pavement and cement in sporty looking boat shoes with little to no support. Plantar fasciitis. It took a few weeks for the pain to go away, because, you know… I have to walk everyday… on my feet. But going out to make photographs eventually stop being painful. From now on I aim to keep it that way.

To make quality photographs, you need quality footwear.

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