Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park was first established by the United States Congress in 1929. It originally encompassed the Teton Range and its foothills. From 1930 to 1950 more land including much of Jackson Hole, the valley the Snake River runs through, was acquired and donated to create the massive and stunningly beautiful park we know and love today.


two large bison standing in prairie grass

Bison graze prairie grass near Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park.

famous jackson hole grizzly bear 399 looking at photographer

Legendary grizzly bear 399 gives me a look as she passes by.

bull moose with snow flurries

Bull moose near, appropriately enough, Moose-Wilson Road.

Bison with tongue out

Is this bison trying to tell me something?

historic cabin at sunset. mormon row, grand teton NP

Historic hand hewn log cabin along Mormon Row at sunset.

bull elk bugling, grand teton national park

During the rut bull elk bugle to assert their dominance.

grizzly 399 crosses teton park road

Tourists pull over to watch grizzly 399 cross Teton Park Road.

two bull elks walking along a ridge in snow storm

Two bull elk cross a snowy ridge near Moose-Wilson road.

moulton barn at mormon row, jackson hole Wyoming

The old Moulton barn along Mormon Row in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Grand Teton peak at dawn.

A sun tipped Grand Teton at dawn.

Grand Teton Range at sunset

Grand Teton range at sunset.

Full moon sits upon the Grand Teton range

A golden full moon sits like a great cosmic marble atop the Teton range.

sunrise on the Teton mountains. Canada geese in flight

Mallards are silhouetted as they fly past the sunrise lit mountain tops of the Grand Teton range.