Finding A Line. Music, Art & Skating in Washington, DC.

As you approach the abandoned lot behind Union Market in DC you begin to hear the hum of smooth rolling urethane wheels over Skatelite. The hum is occasionally interrupted by the sound of metal trucks scraping the cement coping. And then there’s the “applause,” banging skateboards on the deck as someone nails another spectacularly difficult trick. This is the Finding A Line skate bowl, the brainchild of local skater and artist Ben Ashworth.

Graffiti and wheat-paste art decorate the cinder-block wall; loud music — sometimes live, sometimes from Ben’s iPod — fills the DC air, and all the while around the edge of the bowl a dozen or so skateboarders of all ages and talent levels wait for their turn to drop in.

This is the place where artists, musicians & skaters come to push themselves; to interact and thrive. Everyone seeking a way, finding their line physically, artistically, and emotionally through the same space.