Generation i

I once used my earbuds while on the train into the city. After making it halfway through the song I pulled them out and put the phone away. I couldn’t stand not hearing the world around me. The screech of the steel wheels on the rails. The goofy Metro voice warning the doors were closing. The giggling of high-school girls. The general hum of everyday life. I haven’t used them in public since.

The smartphone generation. Phone calls, texting, gaming, listening to music, surfing the web. Social engagement on perpetual hold.

Interesting phenomenon.











One thought on “Disengage

  1. I go into a Starbucks and if 15 people are there, 13 on phone in some capacity, 1 reading paper, 1 with a mag. And one of the 13 thinks everyone else wants to hear his/her conversation

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