Diminutive Descendant of Dinosaurs

Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Female

The days are shorter and the shadows longer. The maples and oaks have shed their leaves and stand naked in the wind.

And by now this ruby-throated hummingbird, who visits my backyard each spring has moved on. She is on her way to winter feeding grounds somewhere in Central America. A monumental journey for such a tiny creature. And if that feat isn’t impressive enough, consider that this bird weighing a mere 3.8 grams has to cross the Gulf of Mexico – a non-stop, 500 mile flight from the Florida panhandle to the Yucatan Peninsula. (And do it again on the return trip!)

The hope, of course, is that the trip is not for nothing. That her winter home is still there when she arrives. That habitat loss is kept to a minimum… or halted completely. Or better still, reversed! One can hope.

Of course, my personal hope is that I am lucky enough to photograph her again next Spring.


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