C&O Canal National Historical Park, 2018

A look back at my year at the C&O Canal. From wildlife to landscapes to extreme kayaking.

It was a year of adventure, exploration and inspiration.

The National Park Service never lets me down.

Fog at sunrise. C&O Canal NHP.

Early one crisp, foggy morning at the Canal. Looking south toward Mather Gorge.

Reflections of trees and rocks at the C& O Canal.

Fall colors and reflections at Widewater.

Vulture soars below storm clouds.

As the storm rolled in this vulture soared.

Portrait of a black vulture.

This black vulture was unperturbed by my presence.

Adult turkey vulture flies over the Potomac River.

Above the Potomac River a turkey vulture searches for carrion.

Fawn takes on the whitewater! A small deer finds itself in a whitewater predicament.

A fawn tries wading across a stream, nearly gets washed away.

A deer stands on the rocks above Great Falls.

Enjoying a morning meal with a view. Whitetail deer on Olmsted Island above Great Falls.

Portrait of a whitetail deer in tall grasses.

Portrait of a whitetail doe in tall grasses on Olmsted island at C&O Canal.

whitetail deer and reflection.

On the far shore a doe timidly approaches the canal.

Low flying heron.

With grace and speed. Mere inches above the water.

Whitewater abstract.

Fast water, slow shutter, abstract.

Jason Beakes, extreme Kayaker.

Jason Beakes placed 11th this year in the annual Great Falls Race.

Kayaker Steven McKone at the Great Falls Race.

Great Falls Racer Steven McKone takes on the whitewater.

Kayaker at the Great Falls Race.

Kayaker training for the annual Great Falls Race.

Great blue heron in flight above Great Falls.

The power of Great Falls as a dramatic backdrop for this heron in flight.

Black vultures taking flight.

Like herons, vultures can be found in abundance at the C&O Canal.

Great blue heron silhouetted with reflection.

Silhouette and reflection in the canal.

A young whitetail deer hides in the underbrush hillside at the C&O Canal.

Taking cover in the hillside underbrush at the C&O Canal a young whitetail surveys its surroundings.

A Great Blue Heron wades in the shallows of the C&O Canal in Maryland.

Great Blue Heron wades in the C&O Canal in Maryland.

Orange sunset with silhouetted grasses at the C&O Canal in Maryland.

Sunset at the C&O Canal.