Riding into DC

On a hot and muggy September 11th, the 2 Million Bikers to DC Rally kept one of its promises. Bikers came to DC. Two-million? Not so much. This happens of course with any protest/rally/march. (they really should stop putting numbers on it) The Million Muslim March for instance ( later changed to Million Americans Against Fear March) barely reached two dozen!

The Bikers I saw lined Constitution Avenue from the Washington Monument to The Lincoln Memorial. A rough, non-scientific guesstimate from yours truly puts the number closer to a few hundred. Not unimpressive, but staggeringly short of the promised two-million. The leather-clad Hog riders revved their engines, waved to confused tourists, and generally hung out in the cooling shade of trees. I did not see speeches from a dais, no memorial service or moment of silence for the victims of that horrible day in 2001. But then, I didn’t stick around the entire day.

Anyway, below is a shot of a man and a woman riding down 17th Street about to turn onto Constitution. She photographing me as I photograph her. I thought that was pretty cool.

Man and woman on a Harley at 2 Million Bikers Rally.

Man and woman on a Harley.